Detex Exit Alarms: Restaurants, Retail, and Apartment Buildings

Locksmith Huntington NY installs Detex exit Alarms in: Restaurants, Retail, Apartment buildings

Locksmith Huntington specializes in commercial locksmith services. One of the most common commercial jobs we do is installing Detex exit alarm hardware. There are 2 main types of Detex alarms.
1) Surface Mounted Exit alarm
2) Detex Exit Device

A Detex exit alarm should be installed in restaurants, retail stores, and apartment buildings. Each commercial setting has its reasons to why Detex exit alarms should be installed.

When most people go out to eat, they have every intention to pay the check. There is a small percentage of individuals who go out to eat and will leave without paying their bill. They slowly walk to the rear or side of the restaurant and leave. Installing a Detex exit alarm in a restaurant will decrease the number of people walking out on checks. In a restaurant, Huntington

Locksmith will install the surface mounted detex
To prevent shoplifting, Huntington Locksmith will install a surface mounted Detex exit alarm. When one opens the door, the magnet will no longer be in contact with the device, therefore an alarm will sound alerting that the door was open an unauthorized person. The Detex has a cylinder in which one who is authorized to open the door has the ability to disable the alarm before it sounds.

Apartment Buildings

Detex exit devices must be installed on roof door in apartment buildings. Locksmith Huntington NY has installed many exit devices on roof doors. Opening a the roof door when equipped with a Detex will notify that the door is open. Tenants are never allowed to go on the roof.
If you would like to secure your commercial property with a Detex, call Locksmith Huntington today!

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